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Household debt is among the many lowest among EU nations – 49 p.c of net disposable income in 2015. Lithuanian FEZs (Free economic zone) supply developed infrastructure, service support, and tax incentives. There are nine industrial websites in Lithuania, which might additionally provide extra advantages by having a nicely-developed infrastructure, providing consultancy service and tax incentives. Lithuania is ranked third amongst developed economies by the quantity of Special Economic Zones – after USA and Poland .

The Constitution of Lithuania provides for freedom of speech and press, and the government typically respects these rights in follow. An independent press, an efficient judiciary, and a functioning democratic political system mix to promote these freedoms. However, the constitutional definition of freedom of expression does not shield sure acts, such as incitement to national, racial, non secular, or social hatred, violence and discrimination, or slander, and disinformation. It is against the law to disclaim or "grossly trivialize" Soviet or Nazi German crimes in opposition to Lithuania or its citizens, or to deny genocide, crimes in opposition to humanity, or war crimes. eight Lithuanian eating places are listed in White Guide Baltic Top 30.

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Communities of Prussian Lithuanians have developed in Canada, the United States, Sweden and Australia. However, a separate ethnic and cultural identity for Prussian Lithuanians isn't as robust because it once was, and cultural differences are steadily lithuanian women vanishing. For instance, Lasdehnen (Lazdynai) turned Haselberg, Jodlauken (Juodlaukiai) turned Schwalbental, and so on. Toponyms of the Klaipėda area were not modified after reunification.

Despite continuously decreasing since its peak in 1995, the suicide rate in Lithuania remains the best in the EU and the OECD. The suicide price as of 2017 is 26.4 suicides per one hundred,000 individuals.

The most exotic of all the influences is Eastern (Karaite) cuisine – the kibinai are in style in Lithuania. Lithuanian noblemen normally hired French chefs, so French delicacies influence came to Lithuania on this way. Many Lithuanian nobles' historic palaces and manor houses have remained until the nowadays and had been reconstructed. Lithuanian village life has existed for the reason that days of Vytautas the Great.

Half of all picosecond lasers offered worldwide are produced by Lithuanian corporations, whereas Lithuanian-made femtosecond parametric light amplifiers, used in producing the ultrashort laser pulses, account for as a lot as 80% of the world market. Furniture production employs more than 50,000 individuals and has seen double-digit progress over the last three years. The biggest corporations on this area work in cooperation with IKEA, which owns one of many largest wooden processing firms in Lithuania. Lithuania is the fourth biggest provider of furnishings for IKEA after Poland, Italy and Germany. Continental AG in 2018 began to build a factory for prime precision car electronics – largest greenfield investment challenge in Lithuania thus far.

On 1 January 2015, Lithuania turned the 19th nation to make use of the euro. Suicide in Lithuania has turn out to be a significant social problem within the country as a result of its excessive fee.

The Prussian Lithuanian newspaper Naujaſis Tilźes Keleiwis was not closed down until 1940. during World War II. Church services in Tilsit and Ragnit have been held within the Lithuanian language until the evacuation of East Prussia in late 1944. Unlike most Lithuanians, who remained Roman Catholic after the Protestant Reformation, most Lietuvininkai became Lutheran-Protestants (Evangelical-Lutheran). "Lietuvos automobilių kelių direkcija prie Susisiekimo ministerijos". "Situation of Polish minorities in Lithuania is a discrimination of EU citizens".

Another German producer of lighting know-how Hella opened a plant in 2018 in Kaunas FEZ, which will produce sensors, actuators and control modules for automotive industry. Lithuania's automotive cluster skilled significant growth during the past 5 years. Development of shared companies and business course of outsourcing are a few of the most promising fields. Lithuania belongs to intermediate wealth group in accordance with Credit Suisse Global Wealth Report 2017. As of 2017, Lithuania had common wealth per grownup of $27,507.

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Creation of recent Lithuanian state is commemorated on sixteen February as a Lithuanian State Reestablishment Day on which declaration of independence from Russia and Germany was declared in 1918. Joninės (previously generally known as Rasos) is a public vacation with paganic roots that celebrates a solstice.

As of 2018, there are thirteen public holidays (which come with a day off). In July 2018, the preferred national tv channels in Lithuania were TV3 (about 35,9% of the auditorium), LNK (32,eight%), Lithuanian National Radio and Television (30,6%), BTV (19,9%), Lietuvos rytas TV (19,1%).

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On 2 February 2002 the litas was pegged to the euro at a rate of three.4528 to 1, which remained till Lithuania adopted the euro in 2015. Lithuania was very near introducing the euro in 2007, but the inflation degree exceeded the Maastricht requirements.

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Lithuanians and other nations that when fashioned a part of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania share many dishes and beverages. German traditions also influenced Lithuanian delicacies, introducing pork and potato dishes, such as potato pudding (kugelis or kugel) and potato sausages (vėdarai), in addition to the baroque tree cake generally known as Šakotis.

Key dates Archived 17 January 2007 on the Wayback Machine. A Lithuanian ethnic sport, recognized because the 17th century is ritinis. As a results of a thousand-years historical past, Lithuania has two National days. First one is the Statehood Day on 6 July, marking the institution of the medieval Kingdom of Lithuania by Mindaugas in 1253.

"Ponary – Golgota Wileńszczyzny (Ponary – the Golgotha of Wilno)" (in Polish). Konspekt nº 5, Winter 2000–01, Academy of Pedagogy in Kraków. "Ponary - Golgota Wileńszczyzny (Ponary – the Golgotha of Wilno)" (in Polish).

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